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We are a book publisher dedicated to spreading knowledge and inspiration through the best works. We were founded in 2020 with a vision to become a leading publisher that advances the world of literacy in Indonesia and inspires the younger generation to love reading and learning.

Our Product

S&CO Training

S&CO Training is a unit focused on education and training. We offer a wide range of training materials that provide exciting experiences to enhance skills easily and flexibly. As a training venue, S&CO Training seeks to be a solution to the cost constraints by providing participants with an opportunity to pay according to their ability. We are convinced that financial constraints are not an obstacle to improving self-competence.

S&CO School

S&Co School is an innovative unit that focuses on education, especially mathematics instruction. Learning guidance is done online through Zoom Meeting, with interesting methods to enhance the mathematical skills and understanding of the students effectively


S&CO Publishing is committed to continuing to make a real contribution to the world of literacy and publishing in Indonesia. We invite talented writers and loyal readers to explore the world together through books that inspire and educate.


Our commitment to disseminating knowledge is realized through publishing research journals. We are home to various journals in different disciplines.

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